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6 French Dishes You Must Try This Summer

France is famous for its cuisine and the most exquisite and delicious foods in the world can be tracked back to the French region.

Here we have some ideas for the French summer foods that you need to try this summer.

Leeks in Viaigrette:

A timeless classic, this French dish is a must for your perfect summer days, with leeks being the fresh produce in the summer, this dish becomes the life of your lunch. A common practice is to serve a hard cooked egg with it.

Roasted Provençal Chicken:

Roasted Provence Chicken. French Food in US

A famous Summer eat, this delicious dish is perfect for picnics, with oil, spices and seasoning rubbed on it, the chicken rests for two days and is then roasted to perfection. The mere look of it is enough to make your appetite go up.

Chouquettes with Warm Berries:

The airy pastry of these dessert is perfect as it is, but combined with the ice cream (mostly vanilla flavored) and the warm berries coated in sugary and orange zest flavored syrup is heavenly. The perfect French way to beat the heat!

Honey-Hazelnut Financiers:

These brown buttery cakes combined with Hazel nuts, and almonds are simply delicious. The fluffy cake is light and has a buttery texture, and is a perfect combination to your coffee or tea!

Bistro Steak with Buttermilk Onion rings:

French Food

The perfect summer dinner, enjoy the thinly sliced steaks along with buttermilk battered onion rings and thyme flavored sauce to make your dinner a classic one. Easily cooked, it is the perfect way to reignite romance on breezy summer nights.

Summer Tomato Bouillabaisse with Basil Rouille:

Clams, basil and wine; the three ingredients in themselves present the exquisite nature of the dish. Make your dinner worth the while by using classic French breads and wines.

These dishes are delicious, fresh, and classic French. Making them must haves in summer.

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