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Five Foods You Can Pair With Light French Wine

french food and wine

Whether you’re planning a dinner party, a romantic meal for two or just ordering from a menu, you’ll eventually want to find the perfect wine to pair with that dish. But if you’re already putting so much time and effort into the food, why put even more energy into choosing a wine? That’s why we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the tried and tested food and wine combinations:

Pinot Noir and Grilled Salmon

Pinot Noir of Oregon paired with Salmon is a surprise, as it was a lesser known fact that these two go together beautifully! The subtle intensities of these are amazing, but what seals the deal is how the salmon’s richness is perfected by the sharpness of Oregon Pinot Noir.

Sangiovese and Tomato Sauce

This is another classic that is suddenly in style again. It comes from the age-old concept of eating locally. The red grape Sangiovese and tomatoes, share similar levels of acidity and flavor intensity. It’s wonderful to see how these two simple, pure flavors can work so well together.

Rioja and Paella

Rioja is a popular wine and when combined with Paella, a popular dish including a variety of meats and seafood in saffron flavored rice is such a complex flavor that is a go-to combination whenever you are in need of a great meal and perfect wine. This combination happens to be a classic all around the world, especially in Spain and France.

Muscadet and Oysters

One of the best examples of the most harmonizing match ever has to be Muscadet and oysters. This light bodied, mineral, almost salty wine is another one of those matches that are oh-so-good! The interplay of acid and salt in the mouth is a gentle contrasting note that helps the two elements match together perfectly.

Chardonnay and Lobster

Lobster isn’t an average dish but when you do eat it, a rich, buttery Chardonnay is the wine to go with the shellfish. This is a simple pairing in which all the elements reinforce each other, a perfect example of a complementary pairing with both the lobster and Chardonnay sharing buttery flavors, a rich, creamy texture and good intensity of flavor. The acid of the dish helping to enhance the sweetness of the lobster and the buttery chardonnay both work their way to clean the plate.

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