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Try French Comte Cheese from BecFin

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Comté is well-known for its distinct "terroir." The term terroir refers to a particular smell and taste that is derived from the immediate local environment and its traditional methods of production. Therefore, no two wheels of Comté taste alike. Its terroir has several causative factors including: having been made in 160 village-based fruitières (cheese-making facilities) in their specific region, owned by farmers who bring their own milk from their cows.

Strict production rules linking between place and product; and the seasonal environmental effects. Because of its uniqueness and unfamiliarity, Comté cheeses go through the process of "jury terroir," where panels of trained volunteer tasters from Comté supply chain and from the region discuss and publish bi-monthly in the newsletter Les Nouvelles de Comté about the taste and their results.

This jury terroir was created by Florence Bérodier, the food scientist, to elaborate in response to a set of formidable challenges that Comté cheese underwent in the beginning for its unfamiliar taste and smell. “The jury terroir is there to speak of all the richness in the tastes of a Comté…” - original member confirmed. For Comté cheese to be worldly renowned, the quality improved, but the challenge stand still to create a uniform taste, which was impossible to achieve since there were 160 different fruitières specializing. But through the process of jury terroir, people came to focus on communication among the tasters, which improved their ability to perceive and gained in value. They acquired a general culture that enabled to describe and exchange about the taste of Comtés. (Wikipedia)


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