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Seared Duck Foie Gras Recipe

For 2 people

1. Peel one apple, remove center, cut 4 slices of one inch tick, saute in a skillet both side for 4 minutes in butter, add granulated or sugar powder, caramelize for 2 minutes and dispose in center of the plate.

2. In a very very hot skillet sear 4 frozen slice of Duck Foie Gras From the " Bec Fin" seasoned with sea salt and black pepper 1 minute both side finish inside oven pres-heated to 400 oF for 2 minutes,

dispose Foie Gras over the caramelized apple, deglace skillet with 3 soup spoon of balsamic vinegar and 2 deciliter of Port Wine, boil it for 2 minutes to get a nice sauce that you pour over the seared Duck Foie Gras.

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