Smoked Herring Filet - 7 oz.

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Smoked herring is appreciated since the Middle Ages. At the time, he saved entire peoples from famine and was even granted medicinal value because of its Omega3 content.
During the Herring season (November, December), the Boulogne fishermen leave to catch herrings that pass off the Opal Coast. In one night and some strokes of nets, they can go up tens of tons!
In a few hours the fish arrives at J.C. DAVID where it is salted then stored in large tanks until the next season.
It is desalinated then smoked as and when sales. This coastal herring is a very powerful product that purists will appreciate.
Today many prefer soft, slightly salted and smoked herring fillets. For smoking, they are skewered to bars, so the smoke passes gently between each net. Then remove their skin by hand. The nets thus have a hole at the top and a silver color, characteristic of their traditional smoking mode. These nets are certified Red Label.
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