Smoked Duck Breast Prosciutto / Magret de Canard Fumé -4 oz

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Duck breast (4OZ) , we love it. And when it is smoked, you can not resist it!

It is so fragrant that a few slices are enough to give a festive air to any dishes

At the aperitif, it is perfect to prepare small appetizers refined. Slipped into a quiche or sprinkled over a pizza, he gets married with many preparations. But a sandwich, it replaces the good old slice of ham, and turns the snack into greedy moment.

But it is still in a mixed salad that he is most comfortable. Often accompanied by candied gizzards returned with small bacon in a wild salad with a poached egg, he likes to associate with dried fruits such as nuts, hazelnuts and even apricots or prunes. Its marked flavor knows how to defend itself with their concentrated perfumes.
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