Duck Breast / Magret de Canard - raw - one piece - 1 lb

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Flavour and tenderness meat. Its dark red color is astonishing for poultry, which gives the duck breast its originality.

Duck Magret - Mullard Duck Breast. A mullard Duck Breast average 14 oz good for 2 serving, just add salt & black pepper oFlavor with herb de Provence, butcher pepper, ginger, marinate with Teryaki glaze, soya sauce, orange, etc Just sauted skin side first in a Hot skillet with no fat, after 5 minutes turn upside down cook for 3 more minutes if you want rare or 8 and 5 for medium well, drain it on a absorbent pepper, give 5 minutes rest and slice tin, serve with any potatoes, peas, vegetables, salad etc, Accompagne with berries or wine jam or preserve, good with any dijonnaise or greenpepper sauce, Diner of the champion.

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