2 Pieces IQF 2.5 OZ Sliced Foie Gras Grade (A) -

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INDIVIDUALY QUICK FROZEN Slices of duck Foie Gras packed in portion control individual vacuum pouch.

These "escalopes" of raw duck foie gras, guarantee you a mellowness, finesse and taste. Vacuum packed, you are sure to serve a product refined to the extreme. To accompany small seasonal vegetables or pan-fried pears to achieve a sweet-salty accord.

In order to minimize the melting of cutlets, we recommend that you remove the cutlets from the freezer just before they are used. Remove the escalopes of foie gras from their packaging and drop them without waiting in a very hot pan, without fat. Arrange for 30 seconds on each side, then finish cooking for 2 minutes over low heat on each side.
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